The mission of Kolegium Jagiellońskie Toruńskiej Szkoły Wyższej is to contribute to the constant increase of education level by disseminating knowledge, as well as developing the abilities of practical use of education in the dynamically changing reality.


KJ-TSW educates highly qualified professionals for the economy and public institutions, especially the ones specializing in the field of social science. The staff of the school consists of outstanding practitioners, both Polish and foreign, who are mobile, open-minded, and experienced both in research and education. Students are given opportunity to choose a faculty according to their abilities and interests, and at the same time can shape the vision of their future professional life with awareness. The internship is organized with the cooperation of  employers. Students achieving best results are granted financial assistance of the school. Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and abilities allowing them to adapt to economic and social changes. Both graduates and the school keep in touch, and KJ-TSW assists students in raising their qualifications as a part of the program " lifelong education ". Employers help KJ-TSW to identify necessary qualifications and the demands of employment. The diploma of KJ-TSW is considered to be a credible confirmation of graduating from a college, as well as acquiring professional qualifications.



carrying on graduate and post-graduate studies
introducing new faculties and specialties
achieving the same effects in education of both full-time and extramural students

opening to the social environment by partnerships and receiving signals from this direction,
initiating activities by "open days", conferences, panel discussions, and participation in regional initiatives
cooperation with employers enabling to acquire qualifications necessary for the existing employment
involving practitioners in the process of education
caring for the opinions of students, graduates and employers, concerning the curriculum, the quality of classes, as well as the competence of the teaching staff, opening for the educational needs of various age and social groups

preparing students to function in the global community
teaching staff with degrees they have acquired at different university than the one they graduated from, and are employed at
employing foreign teachers
the internship of students during the course
realization of the aims of The Bologna process by KJ-TSW

competition as the factor stimulating the increase of quality level and decreasing the costs
effectiveness in the distribution of limited assets by increasing the efficiency in management and organization of KJ-TSW
professional management of the staff, and both financial and fixed property assets
introducing marketing management of the school
introducing integrated electronic system of management
transparency in realizing information duties concerning the range and character of activities