Erasmus Policy Statement

ECHE 2014-2020
The Jagiellonian College is a higher education institution established in 2003. During the first ten years of its history, the College‘s priority was to establish its reputation in the local, regional and national arena. Its purpose was focused upon developing its educational activity so as to reach the highest quality, recognizable by other educational institutions, as well as the job market. After achieving this goal, the College intends to focus on advancing its international relations in order to create further advantages for the benefit of the College‘s students and staff.

In light of this goal the College aims to develop bilateral and multilateral relations with foreign partners that share a similar profile and similar educational values, in order to establish an educational network within with the exchange of ideas, as well as the exchange of students and staff, can be conducted. Primarily, the College intends to seek partners in the European Union countries, as such a cooperation can be based on the proximity of their educational systems developed under the Bologna Process (e.g., Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area, ECTS system, etc.). Among the EU countries, the College especially intends to interact with the higher education institutions in Spain, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The aim of the College is to facilitate its students’- and particularly its staff’s- participation in mobility programmes. The mobility programmes will give College staff will get the experience of working in a multinational and multilingual environment, and will foster an acquaintance with new methods of teaching. After such exchanges, the College staff will be able to deliver an even higher quality of education to the College’s students. In this way, students will directly benefit from the participation of staff in mobility programmes, and hopefully will be inspired to participate in student mobility programmes to further enhance their educational experience. The College will give a special focus to student mobility programmes for first and second cycle students.