Preparing professional staff to meet the needs of educational, childcare, rehabilitation, and advisory centres. The process of education takes into account phenomena, problems, and education trends of the modern world, thanks to which a graduate is equipped with up to date educational, childcare, advisory, and activating competences. Additionally, graduates possess broad knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, and sociology, necessary in comprehending the meaning of education, upbringing, childcare, as well as their own development concerning both personality and professional life.

The studies provide ability to communicate with people, perceive their problems, take advantage of diagnostic tools, give assistance, broaden one`s knowledge and competences as far as practical work is concerned, and moreover create one`s own tools of methodology. The classes are taught by renowned specialists in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, didactics, methodology of teaching, rehabilitation. The curriculum takes into account a wide variety of workshops and optional courses taught by practitioners of pedagogy, childcare, as well as rehabilitation, advisory, social, and therapeutic work. Specialties included in the faculty meet the requirements of both current and forecast demands of employment and social problems (e.g. both professional and personal consultancy, activation of old age citizens). The studies encourage acquiring the ability of reflexive perception of one`s own professional position, developing one`s comprehension, and being acquainted with the educational reality. A graduate equipped with up to date knowledge is prepared for undertaking current challenges and performing his job according to the standards of modern pedagogy, upbringing and education.

A graduate is prepared to start professional work in educational institutions of social service, social prevention, childcare, and rehabilitation centres, as well as counseling services. He possesses the knowledge allowing to work as a guardian or mediator in family matters, after fulfilling formal requirements.